ITCB Israeli Testing Certification Board

Yaron Tsubery

The ITCB and iSQI have shared a strong partnership from iSQI’s very beginning in 2004. As a result of this professional partnership built on mutual trust, both ITCB and iSQI have gained vastly throughout the years of successful collaboration. Over the past 10 years, it has been a pleasure for the ITCB to cooperate with iSQI in the production of the ISTQB® CTAL exams. ITCB and iSQI also participate at professional events that are organized by both parties.

We at the ITCB have learned that iSQI is an innovative organization. Each year iSQI introduces further certifications in areas that are in high demand in the IT-market. These new certifications are mainly created and driven by international professionals that iSQI gathers into a SIG (Special Interest Group). A SIG facilitate the demands of a certain area and shares the results with organization like ours – the ITCB. These new certification programs are an educational framework that brings together a vast scope of knowledge of the many international SIG-members.  

Our colleagues at iSQI are always service-oriented and innovative in their vision and mindset. They also have the ability to transfer ideas into reality. We a proud to have iSQI as a long-term partner of the ITCB, and we are sure that we will continue to benefit from the iSQI’s “Can Do” and proactive approaches throughout the years to come.