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iSQI, Inc. sponsors the Greater Agile Boston community

iSQI, Inc. is proud to sponsor AgileBoston focused on advancing the spread of agile knowledge and applied practices in the Greater Boston area. Agile Boston’s mission is to encourage and help the Greater Boston Agile community to become an innovative agile learning community.

The agile method and testing itself is under constant change and transition. Agile projects are to benefit from every team member actively participating and contributing their software testing knowledge. Following the agile method requires teams to undergo a transition incorporating new procedures and methods. Training and coaching the agile approach will allow participants to successfully employ agile techniques and methods during the software development and testing process.

To support the career of IT professionals, iSQI developed the Agile Teaming certification portfolio to certify the know-how and skills of IT professionals working in an agile environment. From the core basics of iSQI® Certified Agile Essentials to the intensive and interactive 5-day “boot camp”, iSQI CAT Certified Agile Tester®, there is something for everyone regardless of their position. The training and certification scheme iSQI CAT Certified Agile Tester® is focused on software testing taking place in an agile environment and hence places great emphasis on practical relevance and utilization of soft skills. During the four-day course (plus one day for examination) the participants learn everything about the principles and diverse requirements behind the agile approach to software development. Most of the exercises focus on practical tasks, hands on situations and assignments. Such a straightforward approach with diverse exercises motivates participants and yields successful results. Theory is the foundation of any certification however, iSQI Certified Agile Tester® goes above and beyond focusing on two of the most important skills of any successful agile tester: the ability to collaborate with the team and maintaining the self-discipline to properly manage time.

In an online survey, targeting iSQI CAT Certified Agile Tester® certificate holders who passed the exam within the period of 2011 and June 2014, iSQI received the following results: The main findings were that more than 80% of the respondents apply agile methods in their projects that were taught during the course.

With the certification products of the iSQI, IT professionals receive a career boost and increase their professional standing in the global labor market.

To learn more about how to get certified with the globally accepted and standardized industry-relevant schemes please visit http://www.isqi.us/#certifications_for_you