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Transatlantic Partnership: ITMPI and iSQI

Following successful negotiations with the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (ITMPI) in Pennsylvania, Michael Bragen (VP Global Marketing and Partner Development Executive at Computer Aid, Inc.) and Stephan Goericke (CEO iSQI GmbH / Managing Director iSQI, Inc.) signed a Memorandum of Understanding, kicking off a new cooperation between iSQI and the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute. This cooperation will allow for ASQF (iSQI’s parent company) and ITMPI members to gain from the benefits and opportunities offered by each institution, opening new doors for ITMPI members in Europe and for ASQF members in North America.

The ITMPI is one of the world's leading providers of on-demand training in IT management, project management and software development. The renowned establishment has also been responsible in creating one of the world's largest online libraries. One example of the benefits of this cooperation is that the ASQF members will now have access to the ITMPI online library and ITMPI members in return will also benefit from the discounts on iSQI exams already available to ASQF members.

"Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for career success; therefore, it is essential for all professionals to use opportunities to keep learning. This new cooperation between ITMPI and ASQF allows members access to the latest expertise from international IT leaders that encourages a regular exchange of practical experience," explains iSQI CEO Stephan Goericke.