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UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience-Foundation Level (CPUX-F)

This Foundation Level certification is intended for professionals who want to ensure that their fundamental usability and UX knowledge is up-to-date. It is beneficial if you wish to pursue advanced certification, for example as usability tester, user requirements engineer, information architect or usability engineer. Also stakeholders who cooperate with usability professionals and want to familiarize themselves with basic usability terms, concepts and processes will benefit from this certification, allowing them the ability to thereafter answer the question “Do you speak usability?” affirmatively. Examples of such stakeholders are project managers, software developers, designers, users, product managers and marketing people.

Attendees holding the UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-FL) certificate are familiarized with the basic terms and concepts from the field of usability and user experience.

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