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The TMMi framework has been developed by the TMMi Foundation as a guideline and reference framework for test process improvement and is positioned as a complementary model to CMMI, addressing those issues important to test managers, test engineers and software quality professionals. Note that TMMi is most often used as an independent model, it’s not necessary for an organization to also use CMMI when applying TMMi. Testing as defined in the TMMi is applied in its broadest sense to encompass all software product quality-related activities.

 TMMi also uses the concept of maturity levels for process evaluation and improvement. Furthermore process areas, goals and practices are identified. Applying the TMMi maturity criteria will improve the test process and have a positive impact on product quality, test engineering productivity, and cycle-time effort. TMMi has been developed to support organizations with evaluating and improving their test process.

TMMi has a staged architecture for process improvement. It contains stages or levels through which an organization passes as its testing process evolves from one that is ad hoc and unmanaged to one that is managed, defined, measured, and optimized. Achieving each stage ensures that all goals of that stage have been achieved and the improvements form the foundation for the next stage. The internal structure of TMMi is rich in testing practices that can be learned and applied in a systematic way to support a quality testing process that improves in incremental steps. There are five levels in TMMi that prescribe the maturity hierarchy and the evolutionary path to test process improvement.

In recent years TMMi has become the de-facto standard for test process improvement being successfully used in many industries. It’s time for your organization to be added to the list accredited against the TMMi model. We look forward to adding you to the list.


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