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IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist / Certified Function Point Practitioner

As the use of Function Point Analysis continues to grow, it is essential that individuals with a specialized level of knowledge be distinguished.  The Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) designation is a formal recognition of a level of expertise in the area of Function Point Analysis.  A CFPS is acknowledged as having the skills necessary to perform consistent and accurate function point counts and comprehension of the most recent counting practices.

At this time, industry recognition of the quality and integrity of the CFPS Exam process and the value of the CFPS designation is widespread enough that companies around the world now commonly include FPA and CFPS requirements in contracts.

As companies use FPA more and more in their contracts, IFPUG, as the body who certifies an individual’s capability, must ensure that the certified individual does indeed have the required expertise. Therefore, ongoing renewal that includes active testing is required to maintain the current high status of the CFPS designation and to maintain IFPUG’s reputation.

Starting in October 2016 the first exams will be available via FLEX (Remote Proctor Exam) in Brazilian Portuguese and English. We are looking to have this exam will also available in Italian be the middle of November.


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