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General Information

The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH) headquartered in Potsdam (Germany) with subsidiaries in Boston (USA), London (UK) and Amstelveen (NL) is a leading provider of certification examinations all over the world. Focusing on IT professions, iSQI plays a large role in certifying the know-how of professionals in over 90 countries on 6 continents in 10 languages. In 2015, iSQI examines more than 22,000 individuals.

The iSQI “Certified” program includes internationally recognized standards for Software Testing, Requirements Engineering, Mobile Applications, Software Architecture, Project-, Innovation- and Configuration Management as well as Quality Assurance.iSQI’s ISO 9001 compliance is the independently confirmed guarantee for its business partners that all contracts are fulfilled in a secure and high-quality manner. Its ISO 17024 compliant certification processes meet all strict requirements in the day-to-day business practice.

iSQI examinations are supported by a global network of accredited training providers. Their expertise in education assists professionals in polishing their knowledge and skills for the certification exams. Moreover, iSQI assembles professionals by regularly hosting and exhibiting at various international conferences. These platforms for experts from the industry and academia foster experience exchanges and business development as well as advancements towards software quality engineering as a matured discipline.



Our Proctors

North America

United States of America

Dale Fisher - Chicago
Sarah Hotung - Washington

South & Central America

Costa Rica

Marilyn Fonseca - Heredia

Dominican Republic

Carlos Manuel Lugo Valdez - Santo Domingo
Laura Patricia Mera Camarena - Santo Domingo

El Salvador

Ana Ivette de Burgos - Sansalvador


Adriano Munoz - Loja
Patricia Fierro - Quito


Diego Refael Payán - Cali
Juan Jose Uribe Betancurt - Pereira
Nicholas Tiffin Sharp - Cali
Victor Hugo Cortés Hernándes - Popayán


Sara Quetzel Paredes Huizar - Guadlajara, Jalisco
Gastón F. Moreno - Carranza


Andrè Dumoulin - San Antonio


Carla Ruiz- Lima


Monique Latil - Caracas



Diego Soto des Lucas - Madrid
Katja-Constanze Labensky - Palm-Mar, Teneriffa
Laura Casadevall Vilella - Tarragona
Miruna Popa - Madrid
Ana Vendrell Meseguer - Valencia


Lia Oliveira - Lissabon
Maria do Rosário Carvalhas Santos - Lissabon
Muriel Marques - Braga
Silvia Celeste F.C. Antunes - Coimbra